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County – Man Bypass – Master Chamber – Stop Pot – Wretched Rabbit

Present: Al, Alex, Mark, Chris, Richard

Having a permit for Lancaster this weekend, we were planning to go down it.  However Aston, NCC and MPCC? had other ideas, put on their plastic shoulder parrots, peg legs and eye patches and got there first.  We couldn’t be bothered to mess around rigging over the top of three other groups, or doing what they deserved and cutting the ropes out of the way, and decided to practice our flood escaping in the hope we’d see the jolly roger on someones helmet and bind them with the combined power of Al and Mark’s lights.

A cool trip on the whole, remembered a fair bit from last time – the prettys ‘n’ that.  Would have been nice to do Lancaster but thanks to those f**k*rs! Luck we had Al, who knew County well!! We went in through County, then Manchester Bypass and the dreaded chain ladder and loads of horrible crawly bits (flat out… urgh).  It got loads better though with the Monster Passage.

Chuffin BRILLIANT how cool was that – not very wet and full of scrott and pretties – even the main drain was exciting, the thought of dying – cool! Want to take my camera caving next time.  Yay, again again.

There was plenty of opportunity for freeclimbing – good practice, but I wish my arms were stronger for this.  Must do more climbign practice in training.

Really good, long trip.  Ladders were a bit dodgy, but was a good route for building confidence with free climbing and ladders and random bits of rope.  Very pretty too, a real adventure.