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Present: Jenny, Richard, Chris

For most of the afternoon I thought we weren’t going to make it to Yorkshire at all. Things started well as me and Gary drove to the hire car place. However we only got as far as Church Street when my car broke. I even knew that it was the alternator, so we opened up the bonnet to have a look, sadly neither of us knew which bit the alternator was, so we closed the bonnet again after noticing that I was somehow missing the oil reservoir cap and oil had been spraying out. National Breakdown came towed us to a garage near my house who said they might fix my car by 5pm (when the hire car place closed) maybe, well they had 2 ½ hours.

By 6pm Gary had a hire car, my car had an alternator and oil reservoir cap and I had 2 hours left in which to pack things, by 8:01pm I was ready at Collingwood and we left for a somewhat wet drive to Yorkshire.

After a couple of hours in the pub most people had arrived, so me Chris and Richard set off caving. Sell Gill seemed a long way further than it had been last time, but at least it was a nice night with a moon. The entrance was very, very windy, so I set off quickly to rig. It was surprisingly wet for a dry route (especially the second pitch which was in the waterfall). We successfully got to bottom, looked at the huge and impressive waterfall of the wet route and set off out. On the way back up I decided to put in an extra deviation on the second pitch (incase it was wetter tomorrow). I successfully started off swinging, but sadly in the wrong direction, each time I tried to turn round I ended up swinging round in circles till I felt dizzy. Eventually it worked and I got to the right side where some string was already attached to a thread. I very bravely hung on tightly and threaded a sling through. Richard and Chris passed this no trouble, and we exited after only 2 hours!!! Wow, how efficient is that! We got back to the YSS just as people were staggering back from the pub, so we hadn’t even lost out on any sleep!!!