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Present: Jenny, Olly, Anthony, Julia

Parked at the farm and asked permission to cave and walked up. We went in Thornabers which is on a bit further than the main entrance and looks little and unimpressive. Another group were also down, so we sat and faffed for a bit ’till Olly motivated us. Short muddy crawl to the first pitch, then on a short way to the BIG pitch. You have to traverse round for ages to get to the Y-hang in a yucky tight crawl, which got nicer towards the end. Then we met the other group who we waited for to get up the BIG pitch. They took ages and we nearly got bored enough to go home, luckily we didn’t. Waiting made me a bit scared ‘cos my super bright light didn’t reach the ground. Got started and rigged the first rebelay and went down a LONG way to the second – its up and left a bit from the flake. Had to rig it quite tightly so the rope would reach the ground, infact once I stopped loading the rope it looked more like an anchored knot pass oops. Anyway finally got to the bottom of the very impressive pitch with about 1m of spare rope! Olly and Anthony came down and then we went out again.