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Present: Jenny, Chris F, Richard

Well another great cave that had a lot of high scary stuff to offer. Quite long but going down offered some great formations – flow stone from afar. Battle axe traverse was great – a worryingly high traverse over a gushing river. The abseil down was quite large and the river at the bottom was high – lots of waiting for people to come down for Jenny! Lots of waiting for me as everyone else went up. Cold. Very cold. Derigging battleaxe was exciting as you’ve got to prussik up to one arm of the Y-hang and then swing a bit if you fall – above a rather large hole. Hmmmmmmm! Went out on my own after I stopped derigging after the battleaxe bit. Jenny nearly got washed over the bottom in the river over the last pitch. Bad. There was excitement when I got out – Faye from YSS had got lost – turned out she had had to derig Big Meanie on her own. Well hard!