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Present: George, Al, Chris F, James, Stacey, Nick, Louise, Sian, Anthony, Jenny, Julia

Friday 1st

Arrived at Bull Pot Farm. Got drunk. Julia attempted the drain cave at 1 o’clock in the morning but it was flooded. Al decided to go caving at 3am but we managed to change his mind (which was good because I was going to go and I would have died)

Saturday 2nd County – Manchester Bypass – Wretched Rabbit

Present – Al, Chris, Sian, Stacey, Cate, Me(James)

Entrance was easy and led to very easy first pitch (6m ladder), and down to streamway. I had my photo taken under waterfall then Chris realised that he had forgotten to tie the tackle sack to the bottom of the ladder for Jennys party to collect later, so he went back to do it.

After Al and Chris searched for the entrance to the Manchester bypass for 10 minutes we finally found it, and climbed up a short free-climb where I lost a glove down a crevass which we couldn’t get back. So I donated the other to DUSA in the hope that a one armed left handed caver would join up!

Continued up very tricky fixed chain ladder into really narrow section which took me ages to get through (it was narrower than Mistral last week). Then carried on for ages with a fixed rope climb half way through. We then reached Monster Cavern, which was really spectacular, although with many slippy rocks to step across with large drops below.

Reached a very old rope hanging from an exit shaft at top of chamber. It turned out that Liverpool had gone this way!(rather them than us). We then exited Monster Cavern via a fixed ladder in Stop Pot. Noticed that there had been a recent collapse into the Main Drain, and Al decided to go a different way that encountered a very very very tight squeeze half way through.

We then exited through Wretched Rabbit with Al hurrying us up because the water was rising. Sians batteries ran out so she had to get out in the dark relying on other peoples lights. I found this entry difficult because I had to crawl on my stomach o n bits where other people could walk. I foolishly remarked that I liked wet caves, which would haunt me the next day (see Valley Entrance).

We then climbed the final pitches out of Wretched Rabbit, which were quite hard by this time. An 8 hour through trip and it was throwing it down when we walked back to BPF.

Saturday night

Got pissed, Red Rose played crockery cricket for most of the night. We played Als Fire Game, which involved cardboard strips set alight and passed around the room from mouth to mouth (the aim being to get all the way round, or else set Anthonys beard on fire). We then played with carbide and Al set his hand on fire. Red Roses Milton set fireworks off in his hand (nutter!) and re-enacted Monty Pythons “Albatross” sketch with Chris. Red Rose had apparently set a Viking longboat on fire with fireworks strapped to the side and then sat inside it!!!

Sunday 3rd Valley Entrance

Present – Al, Chris, Stacey, Me(James)

In order to show me that I really DIDN’T like wet caves we went down Valley Entrance. It didn’t work though because this was a FANTASTIC cave. A not so tight crawl led to a 6m pitch on a ladder. Then a walk up a fast flowing river (which was great fun) led to the end of the cave. I got sent up to a sump at the end of the passage and ended up neck deep in water (which washed my oversuit for me, bonus!) We then left intending to go to “Toyland” which was up a 6m free climb. Al remembered it being easier than it was and was having trouble with it, so I saved him the trouble and wussed. The end.

James C