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Present: Chris, Al, James, Sian, Cate, Jenny, Julia, Anthony, Richard, Stacey, James, and someone else (with guest appearance by dodgy Dave)

Quality weekend at Bullpot Farm. Much fun and jollity was enjoyed by all. However, several important lessons were learnt about the safe and mature use of fireworks.

1) Rockets – Do not stick them in the ground so that they don’t actually go up in the air and explode in everyones faces (Take note Julia).

2) Make sure that fireworks are secure so they don’t fall over and start shooting flames into the front door of the house (Take note Al).

Apart from these little episodes (and Julia almost drowning while attempting to drain cave) we managed to let the fireworks off without much trouble. Then we ran out of fireworks and got bored so with the help of a psychopath caver called Milton we de cided to explode cans of baked beans and aerosol cans by throwing them on the fire!!

Then we went inside and played pass the flame (A game which involved passing a piece of burning cardboard around a circle in your mouth). Like I said before, much fin and jollity was had by all. The cave was good too!!!