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Present: George, Al, Chris F, James, Stacey, Nick, Louise, Sian, Anthony, Jenny, Julia

In the beginning there was light, and DUSA went to Bernies cafe (and there was still light, and bacon sandwiches and Chris Bonnington. After feasting greatly we drove up through the foul and furious storm and changed into our suits of fur.

The cave was both wet and windy with a great number of immense rock arches. Some of our gallant number did choose to do battle with ropes (SRT) on an alternative entrance to the great chasm.

On the way out of the chasm we did loose one of our number (Al), and us freshers did escape from the infinite darkness of the chasm with great relief.

– We got changed. It was S***, we went to the pub, it was better.

Written by George age 2 day 7 hours and 19 minutes