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Present: Al, Jenny, Louise, James, Bec, Me (Stacey), no Chris, he was dying – possibly due to me

Our 1st SRT Trip. Set off down Pool Sink – I got stuck within 5 minutes! After the entrance part it wasn’t so bad! Got to the first pitch and all surprisingly got to the bottom safely. The rest of the pitches were fine apart from some really scarey traverses over bottomless pits. Louise abseiled down the 4th pitch and landed rather spectacularly on her arse!

Somewhere in the middle we visited a really pretty cave with black stalactites and loads of pretty formations. Arrived at the main drain and decided to split into two groups. We all went in the direction of Wretched Rabbit, to make sure Al knew the way out, then Jenny, Bec and James went back the way we came from to de-rig the pitches. Me + Louise + Al went out of Wretched Rabbit. It was very wet and very cold and not very nice, but then caves never are! It was actually quite fun – although we had to stand on Al to get up the ropey bit at the end. Got out to find it wasn’t actually raining!

Walked back across the moor in the nearly darkness. My light (Chris’ light) had died by now. Louise fell in the bog. Got back to Bull Pot Farm without loosing the path.

Put on dry clothes and drove to a pub to wait for the others. They all returned safe and sound. Now we’re all heading home + for food if we can find anywhere thats still open at 11pm!

It was good! but manky and wet as always! SRT weekend next weekend! Yey! (lots of new and shiny gear!) + KNEEPADS!!!