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Present: Stacey, Chris, Al, George, Kempton

Me and George accepted Julia’s challenge, successfully completing the drain cave, amongst the giant tadpoles and pleasant smells we found down there.  Chris and Al attempted it then wussed.

Aygill caverns were grotty, muddy and wet!!  A typical James C. style cave!  So we all got bored and fed up of it after a while and became soft pussies and escaped as fast as we could. Stacey took photos of bare bottoms (wait in anticipation for the photo!) instead which was much more fun, then headed for the pub, and finally Leyburn for fodder (where Chris embarrassed himself by reading graffiti from the toilet walls to strangers in the toilets (or so I was told!).

It was a pretty good caving weekend overall, Saturdays cave was amazing- Sundays was pretty shitty but I guess you can’t expect two days of pleasure in a row, and it wouldn’t be acceptable to get lured into thinking caves are actually quite nice.