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Present: (in pub order): Ralph, John R, Matt, Sion, Andy, Little Chris, Al, Stacey, Ian

Trip phrase: Poofter, egh?

The day began for some at 7.30. after preparation, we met at the DSU for 8.50 (well, 2 of us). By 9.30 we were on our way out of Durham. Having got as far as Tesco’s, we paused for breakfast in the upstairs café (fuelling ourselves after the bus had been fuelled). Buttertubs Pass is a small hill climb out of the valley of the river Swale in N.Yorkshire. It took about 90 minutes to reach from Durham and it was a very interesting journey. By ‘interesting I mean partly airborne (just the front wheels – Ed). Having relieved ourselves into the tubs themselves (& waited for a (illegible scrawl) BMW & driver) we got changed and set off down the side of the valley. On our bums.


The super brave Al sliped down into the cavelike a lubed up ferret (only couse Straceys light wouldn’t start) and started off the magic mystery tour… The going was muddy and wet with occasional large rocks in to add varity. Several fun squeezes and nice wet options and of course the infamous Room of hanging Doom.


Hero of the day: Chris for surfaces to ducking

Villen of the day: screaming, whining Al… but he did get us out, so that’s ok