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Present: Ralph, Little Chris, James, John, Leon, Matt, Sarah, Hannah, Ian

Kick off from DSU at 9.30(ish) followed by 2 hours (!!!) in the cafe at Tesco’s, where all but the lasses gorged themselves on a greasy breakfast. Eventually left Tesco’s at half 11, refuelled van having refuelled ourselves, and bombs away! Finally ๐Ÿ˜€

What could have been a dull, monotonous camper van journey proved to be a little more exciting. To mention but a few moments, Ralph became orgasmic on seeing the rocket at the side of the A1, and felt impelled to record such a historic moment on video. Similarly, the boys thought Christmas had come early on spying an AA box, and again photographic evidence was required, so they got out of the van. Sarah and Hannah were feeling too normal to partake, but you never know, maybe next time! ๐Ÿ˜€

Arrived at entrance about 1 o’clock, changed, rigged a ladder and began the exciting but. All successful on the ladder apart from Hannah who enjoyed the luxury of being lowered down (cheers guys!). Shortage of lights made it an interesting journey for Ralph who survived with a miniature headtorch. Lovely little cave with some crawly bits, squeezy holes and a gorgeous waterfall, good opportunity to get thoroughly soaked (and clean).

James, John, Leon and Ian tackled another quick cave, and others did a spot of canyonning. Matt gained himself a handsome scar having been persuaded to duck (To be fair, the dozy bugger jumped head first, backwards into cloudy water – Ed)