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Present: Ralph, Little Chris, Irish Dave, Mehmet, Mehmet’s girlfriend (sorry, can’t remember), Stacet, John Redhead

Parking the van next to the gate, the seven intrepid explorers marched up the hill to John’s tunes, until it dawned upon us that singing and climbing don’t go hand in hand. Off up the gully to the entrance – the only hole on the hill with a stream going into it. Yay! Crawl is ankle-deep water to first pitch, which we found rigged with good rope so we borrowed it. Crawly crawly crawly. Where’s Dave? Wait wait wait. Go back – his light was out. Club light… yay! Next pitch, then another. Then a big pitch, split in two. For the first time we used our rope and I tied my first pull through knot, did a re-belay part way down to stop it rubbing but got rid of it. Met some chaps caving out of the bottom, who noticed as I pulled the rope up that there was a knot in the end of it. The bloke untied it – but a lucky escape, egh?


NOTE FOR FUTURE: Untie safety end-knot before pulling through!!!


On down, another pair of pitches, a little navigational confusion involving a climb up a muddy bank with a knotted rope (3-ply nylon farmers’ special. Only with added creak) only to find a traverse on the same rope disappearing off into the ceiling. Ooops. Back to the streamway and following Stacey’s rememberings we made it through to the Kingsdale Master System. Thrash through, back to the water, up the ladder/rope and we’re at Valley Entrance. Met outdoor group and exchanged banter.

All in all a very good trip, marred only by being late to tea. Four stars.