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Present: Al C, Ali Alnajjar, James C, Andy S, Ian W, Mssrs Day, Leech and Warner.

We chose Long Churn as our third beginners’ trip and rigged the Dolly Tubs pitch for SRT (1st one of term) as Ali and Andy had been to training a couple of times.

We split into two groups whilst getting changed. Ian, Andy, Andy and Ralph went in the middle entrance and raced along to the pitch. There was no phaff or waiting –brilliant! We descended the pitch without hiccups and had cheese and apples at the bottom whilst watching the falling water in Alum Pot. Met the other group at the top of the pitch and had a chat about cars, microwaves and girls. We then explored the Cheesepress and its avoiding route, the Diccan entrance, Upper Long Churn and the lower parts of Borrins Moor Cave.

Met the other group back at the cars and got changed and drove to Ingleton for tea (soups, gammon egg and beans etc). We then made haste to Cockerham, Lancaster to leave two cars at Ralph’s home and onward to Mssr Carlisle’s housewarming party in Manchester. It was a splendid affair, with plenty of home-brews…

In the morning, we spent a couple of hours sitting around drinking tea before finally setting off. Andy’s car had a mini-service at Ralph’s house. We stopped for a meal in The Black Swan in Ravenstonedale (off the A683): expensive but lovely and worth a return visit as we didn’t feel like sampling the beer…

A brilliant weekend 🙂