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Present: Ian W, Han B, James Catley, Pete H, (Andy S)

Hannah and I went down Alum Pot (Southeast Route). Rigging from the obvious tree, I found I was on a direct hang, and a few metres from where I wanted to be. A quick re-rig from some substantial tree roots gave the right line, though is quite scuffy over the edge. The P-bolted Y-hang rebelay is about four or five metres down and gives a good hang to the ledge. What a view! Another group was coming in via the Dolly Tubs route and the view across to them was fantastic, and we had a smashing view across and down onto the waterfall.

The water was low but we were expecting snowmelt so we took the route furthest from the waterfall (ie underneath the rock bridge). A short traverse got us to the rock bridge where we met the group, from the YSS. Two of them were headed for the bottom, and we waited with the third chap and chatted a short while on the rock bridge. Shortly they were finished with the second pitch and we followed them down, rigging our own rope behind theirs. Another fantastic view to behold, and another great pitch! Love this Alum Pot thing 🙂

At the head of the third pitch, Hannah turned back, whilst I rigged the pitch and rushed to the sump and back. Takes a few minutes only, and not particularly special. Back at the pitches, the YSS bods had been eating and were about to set off out but kindly allowed me to go first. Hannah was waiting on the rock bridge with the third YSS man, and James and Pete had just arrived on their way to the bottom.

Hannah went out via the Southeast route whilst I derigged James’ ropes on the Dolly Tubs route. Another very special view across the pot across to Hannah, as I raced along the ledge and up the pitch towards Dolly Tubs. Derigging was effortless, and I couldn’t fault James’ rigging. A brief solo trip through Long Churn followed, to meet Hannah waiting at the entrance.

A fantastic trip; short and sweet with some great views and two very nice daylight pitches.