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Present: Anthony, Julia

Original plan to go to Sell Gill with Jon & Ellen to teach Ellen SRT was thwarted by lack of beds at the YSS, so went to Bull Pot (Kingsdale) to teach Julia to rig. Just after we finished changing and set off for the cave, another two cars pulled up, to be followed by a minibus – two more Bull Pot parties who thus had to go caving after us at our sedate speed – good timing on our part.

Julia rigged competently but at no great pace, so I had plenty of time gassing to the YSS/Kingston uni and Exeter parties about the state of caving in universities. Only glitch was that some of the alpine butterflies in Julia’s y-hangs didn’t look right, but it looked ok when she tied on at the top of pitch 2. Eventually, at the bottom of pitch 4, got her to tie another one and it clearly wasn’t right. Oops…

Went and had a look at the vague traverse to the 5th pitch with its one vague M8 (we had no hangers) and vaguely uninviting narrow slot. Vaguely decided that it looked crap and pissed off out. All the dodgy knots held, so we changed in the freezing cold, went to the chippy, pitched our tent at Glebe Farm, and went and got pissed with Cambridge UCC in the Marton until the wee small hours. Hurrah!!

Anthony Day