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Uamh an Claonite (aka. Cave of the Sloping Rock)

Present: Anthony, Gwyn, Al, Duncan, Surface Support (i.e. wussing out) Julia (having a nice holiday)

Parked up by a most aromatic fish farm, and trogged up the hill to Claonite. Cave was actually quite easy to find, marked as it was by two GSG members who’d been ferrying for some divers. Just inside the entrance was a friendly boulder choke, leading to a decent sized streamway and a most entertaining climb down which would have been awful for the short legged (but she wasn’t there.) Gurgled through the sump bypass (which was fine), more sporting streamway, bit of a traverse round a very deep pool which took us a while to fathom, more sporting streamway, couple of sporting water shoots, bit of a sporting climb, and that was that (though it turns out there was a bit more cave we could have got to without gills.) Then did it all in reverse. Overall trip was most sporting – very highly recommended.

Out in glorious sunshine in the middle of the afternoon, it seemed criminal not to go and tick of…