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Present: Jenny, Rob Bell

07:30hrs – DEPART DURHAM – Drive to Ingleton
08:50hrs – ARRIVE BERNIES – Eat and shop
10:00hrs – LEAVE BERNIES and drive to Knigsdale
10:30hrs – ENTER VALLEY ENTRANCE and rig roof tunnel passage pitch. Water was rather wet, oh and also cold.
11:00hrs – EXIT VALLEY – walk up hill – faff about looking for cave for 1/2 an hour, (going for a nice walk up the hill)
11:30hrs locate cave entrance, faff about going to the loo (Rob) and taking pictures (Jenny) (NOT of Rob going to the loo!)

12:00hrs ENTER THE CAVE a fine stream crawl leads to P1, an easy descent into a low crawl (Swinstow low crawl) pitch was pre rigged, we assumed to allow people a chance of escape from the “Death By Knee Attrition”
EVENTUALLY We arrived at the end of the crawl, P2, followed shortly by P’s 3, 4, and main pitch, taken in 2 drops via the rebelay bolts on the large ledge. Care needed. The red 64m rope was possibly the least helpful member of the team due to its hawser like properties. ie. it behaved like metal bar.
BELOW the main pitch the cave continues along a wee stream passageway with some niceish flowstone formations after a few awkward climbs (short people beware) the penultimate pitch is reached. A fine place for some photos!! Jenny captured in Xenon light for posterity’s sake
[it was a big mistake to let Rob carry my camera! Jenny]

THEN Simpson’s Pot arrives in high above as Swinstow Great Aven is reached, fine flowstone curtains visible in the ceiling. A final pitch leads easily to the Great Aven proper. A hole in the floor leads on to East Entrance passage. A delightful little number with plenty of deep, freezing cold water, but no flat out crawl (fortunately) leading to a large mud choke which was made extra slimy by the water!!!
THUS COATED in sticky icky mud we emerged into Kingsdale main junction, and made a sharp right following the sound of the water streamway to a Mars Bar stop. (well infact soggy flapjack with mud!!). Jenny made “dead good” flapjack, it was just the bag that was crap!
STOMPING down the master cave, the pre-rigged roof tunnel pitch is reached and ascended with no difficulties, a short section leads to Valley Entrance and glorious hot basking sunshine, NICE!!

15:30hrs ARRIVE AT CAR – spend time getting changed and sunbathing.
16:30hrs ARRIVE BERNIES for a mug of tea.
17:00hrs LEAVE BERNIES, stopping at Ribblehead to take photos.
19:00hrs EATS AND DRINKS in the Court Inn (Durham), after a brief stop for fuel.

Rob Bell

I thought the cave was dead good and we didn’t die so we must have guessed right on how to do pull thru’s! It was nice to come out in sunshine not snow or darkness. It was a shame that the flapjack got muddy.
Jenny Black