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Present: Al, Jenny, Mark

We set off, with the sun shining (surprisingly – for once!) because the cave,  opps! sorry mine, was only 1 hour away, we had a late start too – this felt like caving in luxury.  We found the mine entrance relatively easily (thanks to Al) we spent the next 3 hours looking all over the place – and probably travelled (by means of crawling, walking, sliding etc…) MILES! (well it felt it)  Eventually we found one of the chambers that we were looking for Al took several photos (some of which I cant wait to see ’cause they look well interesting!) Jenny took some as well!

We decided it would be better to get out (we thought i would take like ages!) at this point, as opposed to getting even further in (at this point we thought we wee like 1 1/2 hours to the surface) we rushed out, only to find ourselves back at the entrance 20 minutes later! We posed for another photo taken by Al, then decided to go to the pub!

Good night, Mark