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Present: Group 1:, Jenny, John Tullis, Louise Walker, Lucy Wood, Alex Kerring, Group 2:, Al, Mark O, Chris F, Richard Dwan, Mark

Would write more … but my pint is evaporating at this very time – goodnight! Fingers cold, cant write. Sheep about, welsh delight. Baaaa…(Point to note: don’t change boxers when traffic is passing by …)

Once upon a time, in a cave far far away (well about 2hrs)… where cave dwellers live, they lived off the land on Mars Bars.  A handy food indeed, is ye olde ‘Mars Bar’ – perfect for caving thanks to its watertight wrapping.  The cave dwellers thus insured their successful survival thanks to the dependability of a fine dry Mars Bar.  Fortunately Al, and MarkO forgot to take down that dreaded liquid water! (you see it kills dragons!) Jenny luckily got to see a dragon – but I dont think anyone else did. But then again why would anyone else have seen it?  It was notoriously difficult to see.  As a result the intrepid adventurers set off and were ambushed by a group of pigmee munchkins (school caving party).  After bravely leading a rearguard action and rallying at headquarters (running away), the expert team decided to continue along untraditional routes (as they were scared at the munchkins) using acrobatics Mark Fuller tumbled ineptly out of a high crawl passage).

Next came the ‘Polo test’, a new emergency power supply was invented! After this came the crawling or sliding on stomach through water and getting stuck. Tried to get out cave, hole was very small but managed somehow.  Then onto Sunset Hole …
Well all but Al and Mark who were left in the cave and prevented from leaving by large iron gates at any possible exit. Months later, passers by noticed lots of decomposed flesh washing from their subterranean person, but no-one gave a toss… Sunset hole passage got steeper and steeper, and then Richard who was at the back slipped and we all started sliding uncontrollably down the passage … then into a timeless freefall … Time suddenly landed with a cold wet bump and we couldn’t contact the callout, therefore Al had to stop writing and leave now!!!