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Present: Al, Jenny, Mark O, Chris F, Richard, Chris R, Phil, Adam, Katrina, Anthony, Julia

23/24th (depending on the time!) – Drain Cave, Bull Pot of the Witches

Present: Jenny (pissed), Chris (bit pissed), Julia

 Daring and physical prowess won the night as J and C ventured forth to the legendary Drain Cave,  in true DUSA style we stretched ourselves to the vanguard of human endeavour, but, unfortunately, the roof went down t o about 5” – shit.  We tried the other way but didn’t get much further, shit. We went back inside and drank some more, happy in the knowledge that we really are better than the drain cave.  We also visited BPOTW which was nice
Julia showed me and Chris the way to BPOTW and (under instruction) we didn’t die and got underground and to the top of the climb.  realising we had only one helmet, we staggered back and drank more.

24/11/01  Tatham Wife Hole

Present: Mark, Jenny, Mad Chris, Richard, Other Mad Chris, Phil, Adam  Tatham Wife is not a suitable cave to do when its foggy.  Al chose the cave and then wussed, blaming a hangover.  We decided to walk from the Hill Inn and followed this route [see picture in logbook!].  I was very confident that we would find it, so we didn’t take a map or compass.  As we could only see 20m, we obviously didn’t find the cave.  So we did Sunset.

Sunset Hole

Haven’t done this one for a while – well, I haven’t anyway.  Last time it was on ladders.  SRT is definitely a better idea – certainly for the big pitch.  Anyway, the cave.  Well, its the same as ever.  Bit of a stream in a bit of a passage with a couple of climbs (why we actually rigged them I’ll never know, but we did) and a big pitch with a dead end chamber.  A couple of us lay in the stream and looked at the dig and Jenny + Chris (the mad one) had a look at going up to the upper series.  They didn’t.  We came out, went to the pub and then back to BPF.

25/11/01  Jingling Hole

Present: Jenny, MarkO, ChrisF, Al, Richard, Julia

We got to the top of the pitch after a long battle – the adrenaline of Al’s car flight and him screwing his car up had made Al violently opposed tot he idea fo caving.  After calling him a soft pussy for a while he went caving.  I thought that the entrance was *really* scary – oh well Al scared me by saying the rope snaps easily if it rubs. CREAK!!! I got to use my SRT kit which was nice – but now it is buggered.  Cool.  Lots of ropework scared me.  The dead sheep was cool as well, rotten beyond all recognisability, WOW.  Al tried to jump onto Richard’s rope but Richard didn’t like it much (but he liked it a bit really).  Then we sang lots of songs as we prussiked out.  We walked back to the cars and started to get changed.

Jenny, ‘Oh no, something really bad has happened, I’ve lost my car keys – they must be in the cave still’
Julia, ‘but the boot is open’
Jenny, ‘Oh.  Look heres my keys, in the lock.’

Chris continued his aspiration to be a Jenny and wore 2 pigtails all weekend.  They looked f.a.b..