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Present: Chris F, Richard, Jenny, Chris R

In the beginning there was a word, and the word was rigging. The God saw it was good but his children were innocent. His carefree offspring were still romping in green pastures under the golden sun and had yet ventured into the dark unsupported. All children must grow up and today was the day God chose. He gathered his children to him and gave them the holy maillon, sacred sling and divine rope so that the children could venture into the dark places supporting themselves. The children, Chris F and Richard, went forth, equipped with their godly tools and extra rubber safety pants.

First braving raging rapids and water filled graves at the bottom of vast menacing shafts below treacherous traverses which the ‘fearless duo’ tackled without safety line (or thought). Then the challenge was upon them and they lay their godly tools to the rock and floated upon their will as they had never done so before. Both will and tools held as the ‘fearless duo’ penetrated further into the dark moist caverns of the great mother of the Earth. Eventually the ‘fearless duo’ eventually found this far too grating on their not quite so innocent souls and turned back, meeting some others from the strange and unknown land of Nottingham.

There was also the mystery of the boot found all on its own. Where was the caver it belonged to? Eaten by the dragon? The ‘fearless duo’ left promptly.

Your narrator, Richard