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Present: (in van order): Chris M, Ian W, Alison M, Heather T, Mark L

Alison writes: Wet, but not that wet, was my first cave ever. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I am no longer afraid of the dark, which is definitely an advantage in a cave. A poem:

Dark and gloomy, the cave was not that small,
Not that it matters, I am not very tall (neither is Chris).

On the entrance pitch the smell was rather bad,
Poor Flossie the sheep was dead and rotting – it was sad.

On we went, the cave getting wetter and wetter,
But further away from poor Flossie; the smell was better and better.

Through a squeeze we did wriggle,
The disappearing arses causing quite a giggle.

Chris held me brutally under a cold water-fall,
Before exiting on our final crawl.

In the glistening light we sparkled like suns,
Before back to the van for Tesco Value Bourbons.

Heather writes:

But when we got there the cave was good fun.

Mark writes: Mark was ‘ere’. This is all Mark could write because he “couldn’t be bothered”. Poofter egh?!

Ian writes: A brilliant outing – Dusa really has been doing well lately: little phaff and a smooth, efficient underground trip. (Marred slightly by terrible traffic on motorway leading to a 3 hour outward-bound journey.)