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Present: Ian W

Feeling unfit and had to get out. Decided on a trip to CP as it would at least be useful.

Added five rungs to the wooden ladders, knocking nails in had me more nervous than I’m used to. Plus I whacked my thumb cos I was watching the stones running down the wall. Didn’t like it and was glad to be finished. There were more rungs to replace than I remembered so each only got two nails. Ten more nails required!

Then did a bit of caving to the next set of pitches. Seemed to have a heavy bag, just had rope for pitches four and five. Didn’t bother replacing rope on four, it’s good enough. Replaced that on five, did a neat job and bagged the old stuff. Abbed down six to check all was well. Found an absolutely shagged bit of rope discarded at head of six, brought it out. Ended up with an even heavier bag on way out – all wet 11mill!

Felt better after getting out. Hands very cold on walk back as it was gusting and raining lightly. Set the stove going whilst I got changed and had a coffee in the back of the landy before setting off. Bliss.

Just me, 5 hrs.